Swimming Pool Weekly Service, Start ups, Clean ups, Repairs, System upgrades and more!

First, thank you very much for considering us to be your Swimming Pool Service company. We do truly appreciate it. At Alchemy Pool Service we take pride in each of our customers pools. Our Goal is to make sure your swimming pool is beautiful, clean and always ready for your enjoyment.

What Makes Us Different?

First, you will NEVER have to wonder if the pool guy came.  We have set routes Monday-Friday. If we say your service day is on a Monday, we will ALWAYS come on that day. Lots of holidays fall on a Monday, however we work all of them. We will come service your pool no matter what, holiday, rain or shine we come.

We firmly believe in communication, we utilize a system that keeps track of everything that we do to your swimming pool. When we arrive to your house we will check the chemicals, enter them into our app, anything that we do to your pool, we enter it into the app (Brush Pool, Skim leaves debris from pool, empty skimmer baskets, Cleaned Filters, basically anything we do we add to the app). In order for us to close the job, the app ask for a picture, so we also take a real-time picture of the swimming pool. After we click finish, the app will send you a email with all the details of everything we did to your pool including chemical readings and a picture of your pool. This way you are always in communication with us and know whats going on with your swimming pool. 

No more wondering if the pool guy came by with us. You will ALWAYS know when we come by!

We Offer 3 Levels of Weekly Pool Service

Chemicals Only

You take care of cleaning the pool, we take care of all the chemicals. To learn more about Chemicals Only Service please Click Here

Chemicals PLUS+

Eveverything included in chemicals only PLUS, we maintain your entire filtration system. For Prices and to learn more CLICK HERE.

Full Service

We do everything! All you have to do is Relax and enjoy your swimming pool. Learn more CLICK HERE.

We are Certified Pool Operators. Our Swimming pool techs attend a class and must become CPO’s in order to work on your swimming pool.

We are best in…

Weekly Service

Although many pool owners do a fine job caring for their own pools, it is always nice to arrange for professional pool service. You will never have to carry water samples around town or buy pounds of chemicals you don’t even know how to use. Spend time around your pool enjoying the company of friends and family – instead of scrubbing and cleaning. Call us today and start enjoying your pool more while we do the work!

Upgrades & Repairs

In addition to chemicals and cleaning services, we offer general repair services. Our professional technicians can repair or replace faulty equipment such as pumps, filters and motors. We are proud to provide high-quality repair services that you can depend on. Let us do the work and keep your pool running smoothly!

One-Time Clean ups

Have a Green or dirty pool? Our professional swimming pool technician will come out and determine if we can save your pool or if it needs a drain and restart. One time clean ups include complete cleaning of debris from swimming pool, cleaning of entire filtration system, balance of all chemicals. By providing a full complete clean up of your swimming pool it will be ready for a dip upon completion!

Why us?

We got the tools

Each swimming pool technician has all supplies in the truck to keep your pool clean year around!

Certified Experience

Swimming pool technicians go through a testing and certification process before alone in your backyard.

Competitive Pricing

We take PRIDE if offering the highest quality customer service in the industry at the most affordable prices!

Northern California

We currently service the greater northern California Sacramento, Stockton area.

24 Hour Response Time

Call today, have a professional swimming pool tech to your house in 24 hours or less!

Great Support

We do our best to make ourselves available to our customers. Call us, email us, Facebook us, Instagram us, text us. We are here for you!

Reliable swimming pool cleaning service. 24 Hour Response Time!